About the Project

Reading Woman with Parasol 1921 by Henri Matisse 1869-1954

© Henri Matisse, Reading Woman with Parasol, oil on canvas, 1921

This project addresses a lack of student agency in the discovery of and response to literary works by undergraduate-level literature students. It is intended to encourage and assist students in discovering new genres, authors, and texts, and to help them present video and written responses to these texts in this online platform. It will thus extend student learning beyond the confines of the classroom, and encourage independent learning and discovery.

Two of the main challenges in teaching literature at the undergraduate level are encouraging students to read, and providing them with the physical and conceptual spaces in which to develop their own responses to what they have read. This project aims to address both issues through an innovative model of self-directed reading accompanied with multimedia online responses. While in-class time in most literature courses is dedicated to reading and responding to a set curriculum, equally valuable student learning should happen out of class, as students apply what they have learned in class to literary works they discover on their own. 


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